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VRL brought the COD account creation to help small and large businesses in easy scaling. To help businesses in selling their products and services in relevant areas without risks, vrl is providing cod account creation services so that the orders will be delivered on time with smoothness. Here is the quick procedure to create VRL Courier’s COD Account:

  • Visit the nearest franchise of VRL Logistics or Click Here for Direct Contact
  • Take the form, fill it up the required details
  • Submit this form to the nearest office.
  • Once your details are verified, they’ll open your COD Account
  • You can then track vrl couriers as well.

VRL Logistics COD Services:

To facilitate the small, large, and online businesses VRL COD services is the ultimate solution serving over 22 states and 4 regions. To reduce the risk of non-trusted payments, COD services play the most important role to deliver the parcels and on-the-spot payments. It also involves the serves the customers and providing the couriers to the desired location without further issues. So, at both seller’s and buyer’s end everything is secured. Also, VRL has a wide range of support services, to keep you updated about the couriers.

Also, to keep track records of your packages, payments, and outgoing parcels on a daily basis a specialized portal has been designed. VRL also provides details about the shipments and if bulk orders will be there, you can simply ask the support to make arrangements and they’ll be there for you on time. VRL warehousing services are one of the best solutions to save time. You just have to:

  1. Send your products to the warehouses
  2. Contact with the distributors and provide information about the products
  3. Provide parcel details and couriers to deliver on a daily basis
  4. Your couriers will then be delivered directly from warehouses

Key Features of VRL COD Account Creation:

The key features of VRL COD Account creation relate to the features offered to businesses by using the VRL COD Services. Sme of the Premium features are listed below:

  • Safe and Secure Payments
  • Easy handling and on-time order deliveries
  • Couriers Deliveries and Payment Collections
  • Specialized portal to keep track of every single transaction
  • Dedicated customer care window

Materials/Products That Are Not Acceptable:

VRL COD Services do not provide services to the Items that can easily be broken. There are a variety of items that are not acceptable, which includes expensive metals, Plants, Animals, precious stones, jewelry items, drugs, firearms, diamonds, explosives, damage-causing items, and all the related items that have been prohibited by ICAO and the Government of India.


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