Welcome to vrltracking.net. To proceed with VRL Logistics Courier Tracking just enter the consignment number in the below box to track your courier. Whether your package is in the warehouse, or on the way to delivery, you can track your package by entering the tracking id or consignment number.

VRL Tracking:

To track your couriers follow the below-given steps:

  1. Click here to Enter Your Tracking Id.
  2. Enter your consignment number/tracking id.
  3. Then click on “Track your Order”
  4. A new pop-up will appear with the details about your package and its current status

VRL Courier Tracking Services:

VRL Courier Tracking Services involves deliveries of sensitive documents and packages, it may involve commercial documents as well as packages directly from customers serving mostly in the State of Karnataka. It includes:

  • COD Facilities on Delivery
  • Easy Returns / Reverse pick-Ups
  • Late Pick-ups and Early Connections
  • Easy Cash management, Portal, and L.C. Service for Bank

VRL Logistics Services:

VRL Logistics provides services related to couriers, door-to-door deliveries (COD), and many other services in 22 states and 4 union territories of India and the main focus area is to serve the people by delivering the couriers on time. VRL logistics also works with different eCommerce businesses and is providing the facility to open COD accounts for instant pick up and dropping the packages. Here are the detailed services, VRL Logistics specialized in:

  1. VRL Logistics (Couriers Deliver, Priority Cargo & Transport of Passengers by Air)
  2. VRL Tracking
  3. COD Account Services (Both Retail and Corporate COD Accounts)
  4. Transportation & Warehousing
  5. VRL Travel Services (Covering nearly 100 destinations)

How to do VRL Tracking (All Methods Explained):

VRL Couriers have specialized courier tracking systems making it easy for the customers to track their delivery in a number of ways. Customers just need to keep in check with the distributors (people who’re involved in the collection and delivery). Once the courier is out for delivery the distributor will provide you with a unique tracking or consignment number. You can find out this number in your email because they also do an email when it’s on the way to delivery.

Tracking the package is easy but keeps you up to date with the parcel, where it’s currently located, whether it’s in the warehouse or not, whether the shipping address is correct or not, or simply whether it has reached the listed destination. 

So here are some of the ways you can track your vrl couriers:

1- Email Tracking:

You can track your couriers using the email tracking system. The process is simple, you need to do an email to the VRL logistics, it will need to be the same email from which you’ve collected the consignment number. After that, you need to list down the details of the courier in the email. Wait for some time and you’ll receive an email from the VRL logistics about the current status of your package.

2- Online Tracking:

VRL Logistics made it easy for the customers to track the couriers online with the latest update in the system. You can now track your couriers online by scrolling above to the section. There you’ll find a specific section where you’ll need to enter the details about the product. The process to track vrl couriers online is as under:

  • Click here to Track VRL Courier Online
  • Enter your courier tracking id and click on track the order
  • A new popup will appear listing your parcel and current status

3- Phone Tracking:

You can now check the status of your couriers by simply making a phone call to VRL Logistics. The customer services team will collect some information about the product you hand over to them. The customer service officer will investigate the matter and will get back to you asap with the details about the courier that where exactly it’s located right now. Here are the customer services contact information:

  1. Phone: +91 836 2307800
  2. Email: [email protected]

You can also visit the office if needed. Here is the address to the VRL Logistics:

Giriraj Annexe, Circuit House Road
Hubballi, Karnataka 580029

These are all the methods that you can use to do vrl tracking. If you face any kind of problem with one method try to use the other one and it will work fine for you. 

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How To Create VRL COD Account:

COD Account creation is the need of the day, for every eCommerce or online business. So, VRL Logistics is registering with the businesses to make order delivery to the customers easy with safety and security. To create COD Account here is the complete procedure:

  1. Visit the Nearest Office or Contact through Email  & Phone Number (already given above & below)
  2. Fill out the form given to you by the VRL logistics
  3. Submit it, once verified you can start operating your VRL COD to promote your business

Read full Guidelines about VRL Logistics COD Services.

VRL Logistics Office Address/Contact:

  1. Address: Giriraj Annexe, Circuit House Road Hubballi, Karnataka 580029, India
  2. Phone: +91 836 2307800
  3. Email: [email protected]

Troubleshooting Problems in Tracking:

Facing Troubleshooting Problems while Tracking? Well in this case you’ve to wait for 24 hours to get a complete update about your package. It’s not possible to find out and sort out the problem in just a couple of hours, so 1 business day is necessary to get complete insights about the package. After this time, all claims must be filed through USPS or FedEx directly. Contacting support might resolve your issue, but here are some of the instructions to avoid troubleshooting in the package, so make sure;

  1. You’ve entered the right tracking id.
  2. You’ve entered the correct address.

About VRL Logistics:

VRL is founded in 1976 and is a publically listed company registered with NSE & BSE Exchange on 30th June 2021, serving as logistics, & transport company. VRL is currently known as the largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles operated in India and is one of the most reliable services in terms of its services and quality customer support.

Due to massive customer growth in the previous period, VRL is currently providing Couriers services, Priority Cargo & Transport of Passengers by air to fulfill the current needs of the customers. VRL is serving 22 States, and 4 union territories expanding its services mentioning 3PL and amazing warehousing, and mainly focusing on B2B.

How to Track COD Deliveries:

The process is the same. Enter the consignment number and get details about the package.

How to Do VRL Tracking:

Just enter your courier consignment or tracking number and hit the track courier button.

How to Change the Shipping Address:

If you’ve entered the wrong shipping address, then you’ve to wait for the courier to return. When it arrives, you can then change the destination address and then again create the shipment.

What to do If Consignment/Tracking id is Lost:

If in any case you forget the tracking id or deleted the email and you can’t do vrl tracking then call the VRL Customer services, provide the details about the package and they’ll send you the details about the tracking id again.

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